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Our Story

Elegant Corals started out as two passionate reefers came together and formed a team. Julian is well known for his love of the hobby as well as his uncanny artistic skill in maintaining and running reef tanks. Cruz is well known for his unorthodox but effective regimens and brings the science and repeatability to the Elegant Corals Team. Between the Artist and the Mad Scientist, they have produced corals of unrivaled beauty and… elegance. The Elegant Corals collection consists of OG collector corals, Authentic Editions (AE), Julian’s Reef Corals (JRC), Elegant Corals Limited Editions (LE), and a variety of well-known World Wide Coral Pieces (WWC), Reef Raft Canada (RRC), Reef Raft Asia (RRA), Stumptown Corals (SC MattV), BigR Corals (Mike Biggar), Golden Basket (GB Rudy Batarra)and Coral Farmer Market (CFM Steve Tyree). Elegant Corals is known for its passion for SPS, Reef Aquariums, and Reef Ecology.

What Customers Are Saying

I just want to thank Julian for the huge Valentina frag that I received on Wednesday. It arrived in great condition and was huge! Typically don’t see frags the size he sent me. Truly appreciate it and would definitely buy from him again!” – Rob Tuck

Cruz and Julian both bring a passion to the captive reef market that is simply unmatched. Their corals are some of the most colorful corals on the planet. Cheers to the Chicago Boyz !” – Steve Tyree

Don’t do reviews much but the people behind this amazing company deserve it! Although I am continents away, I was guided by Cruz from the beginning and have shared with my joys when the benefits of their system started to trickle in. The passion, wisdom and experience these guys have should be enough for you to consider and listen to them! Amazing people!” – Sherwin Aligora

A lot of great information on this page and I have always received professional advice. All the advice given has been reliable and pertinent. Cruz has been there to answer any questions I may have had when it comes to the hobby and has always been courteous and patient along the way. Thank you for all the information you’ve shared. 5 star service without a doubt.” – James Gillum

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