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The Leng’s Grafted Samoan Stag is an exotic stag with a few unique attributes as well as possessing a long captive lineage history. Some of the unique attributes of the coral can be seen in the above image. It is a multi color stag that has color shades ranging from purple to turquoise. Polyps are typically a dark purple colored. The stag has also acquired some green grafting spots as can be seen in the image below. There also appears to be two kinds of grafting that can occur. One has a bright lime green color, while the other is more of a medium turquoise green.

Back in the late 1990’s there was a brief period when stony corals were exported from the Samoan Islands. We believe this stag may be one of those as it traces its captive history origin back to around the 1997 to 2000 time frame. The current lineage of this stag is traced back to a section harvested from the Leng Sy main display tank at the end of 2001. This tank had also housed the original Leng Sy Montipora coral. Leng harvested the fragment and gave it to his understudy Cruz Arias who is the same reef aquarist that kept the original Leng Sy Montipora line alive.

Leng’s Grafted Samoan develops an amazing thicket of staghorn branches with crazy and exotic grafting and patch pigmentation.
A Dark Purple Stag that Can Also Develop Turquoise Green Colored Patches.
This Coral is Also Capable of Grafting Onto Itself Multiple Shades of Green Pigments.

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