Phantom Frag plug 25ct


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Elegant Corals is proud to unveil the RHR Premium Line of Coral Frag Plugs…

We present to you… The Phantom Plug Series

* Phantom Black Color Discourages Algae Growth on Frag Plugs Even Under Intense Lighting
* Closed Pore Ceramic Fired Type Materials Making These Premium Plugs Nearly Shatter-Proof
* Will Not Leach or Allow for Detritus Hold Up
* Porcelain Smooth Surface Encourages Rapid Encrustment of Coral Frags
* Conical Indentation on the Surface Allows for Complete Conical Gluing of Even the Most Irregular Frags
* New Radically Designed Phantom Slants Allows for Classy Angled Presentation of Frags
* Phantom Straights Adhere to Classic Design Lines With a Flair of Elegance

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