ReefGrow Amino Ignition – 500mL


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Energy and Building Blocks

Contains ALL 9 Amino Acids at the Correct Concentration Necessary for Corals Health!!

ReefGrow has been teaching ionic balance in major water chemistry for years now to hobbyists, the same is true for amino acids. Of the 20 amino acids known to man eleven are truly the most important. Most products today give hobbyists only one of these eleven. ReefGrow Amino Ignition gives you nine of the eleven, and ReefGrow took it a step further and balanced our formula to match that of the average stony coral uptake of these eleven.

With ReefGrow Amino Ignition hobbyists will see an increase in growth rate, color as well as over all health of all the biodiversity in the home reef aquarium. Ignite your corals performance today!

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