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ReefGrow uses pure grade manganese and complex carbon chains in a concentrated blend of balanced ions. Designed for hobbyist who want to maintain the utmost stable systems to provide optimum coral growth and health.

Having manganese levels found in natural seawater available at all times in a form that is readily absorbed by corals with little psychical work, means more energy available for skeletal growth. ReefGrow Manganese Pro depending on your reef aquarium will begin to work within twenty-four hours bringing out the natural colors of your corals. ReefGrow Manganese Pro used as directed at a dose rate of .1 mL per 10 US-Gallons of aquarium water can make even the most drab colored corals look ULTRA!

Unlike other competitors products, all ReefGrow products can and should be for optimum health, used daily and can be used within mere minutes of each other.

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