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ReefGrow Potassium Pro provides the hobbyist with the last of the major ions in natural seawater. Most hobbyists overlook the importance of potassium since it is not part of the skeletal growth compounds needed by stony corals. However it is just as important for proper balance as well. It is used for creating pigment in stony corals, especially in LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals.

Often times cheaper salts tend to have extremely high levels of potassium, if you test high levels ReefGrow suggests you make up a fresh batch of your salt and test it for high potassium levels. If your freshly made water contains high levels of potassium ReefGrow suggests you change your salt brand to a better balanced salt.

High potassium levels often times will lead to retraction of LPS corals. We have never seen it lead to death but, Duncanopsammia axifuga seem to be great indicators of potassium levels. If levels are too low or too high they tend to stay retracted into their stony forts.

Typically hobbyists who can actually adhere to weekly water changes of a quality balanced salt shouldn’t need to dose potassium. However those who tend to do monthly water changes should first test potassium levels and then determine if dosing is needed.

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