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ReefGrow RTN Destroyer is a first of its kind product for the coral reef hobby. For too many years hobbyists have had to watch their beautiful stony coral colonies wither away either fast (RTN) or slowly (STN). As it is still a mystery as to why these corals go through tissue necrosis one thing is certain, ReefGrow RTN Destroyer gives hobbyists a fighting chance.

ReefGrow RTN Destroyer is a proprietary blend of all natural elements found in seawater necessary for tissue repair and growth. In many cases in systems with minimal nutrients where algae can not grow on fresh skeleton, RTN Destroyer has actually aided in the regrowth of lost tissue in as little one week.

The RTN Destroyer blend includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and halogens. All of which have been proven to help organisms the appropriate building blocks to overcome adversity and begin the healing process. Depending on the serverity of your tissue necrosis event ReefGrow RTN Destroyer can give your corals a fighting chance.

For best results couple RTN Destroyer with the complete line of ReefGrow products to provide the best overall health of your coral reef system.

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