Total Nutrition Coral Food


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Total Nutrition Coral Food is one of the newest products to the Ecosystem Aquarium Team of products.

It is a synergistic blend of macro and micro nutrients to be utilized as a clean and complete balanced nutrition additive to any reef or frag tank system.
This not only feeds the corals, but also the inhabitants in the overall reef system and will help in creating a vibrant and ultimately healthy biotope for all your marine organisms.

The symbiosis between organisms plays a large part in the captive reef ecosystem so bolstering the health of all organisms in the system by feeding them the Total Nutrition found in Nature, the corals and all symbiotes in the aquarium system will thrive!

Replenishes trace elements and minerals needed in a healthy ecosystem to sustain biodiversity.

Best if used in conjunction with Miracle Mud Living Filtration Refugium Substrate.

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